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Jenny Blake is the oldest child of Deaf parents and was born and raised in Hawaii. She is Chinese, Hawaiian, and Caucasian, being raised in a mixture of Deaf, Asian and Hawaiian cultures. She identifies as queer, BIPOC/AAPI and has been a professional ASL interpreter since 1998. 


Outside of interpreting. Jenny is involved with the CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) International organization and has held board positions as Secretary and President, being the first Asian to do so. She has led the way in claiming space for codas of color to have a safe place to be recognized and support each other. She has also led panels for various conferences about the coda organization and Asian codas. When she has any free time, it is spent with her children and pets. She also enjoys sleeping, eating, art, music, attending the theater, sporting events, concerts, and when possible, traveling for work and pleasure.


She currently lives in Washington state with two of her four children, and has been working with VoxFem for the last three years providing American Sign Language access for the online fests.

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